Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dejamos que las estrellas se vayan libres

Aquí un poema en inglés que escribí el año pasado. Lo encontre revolviendo papeles, pasado escondido del presente. Espero que les guste. Nos vemossss!!!!

You and Me

Look at the stars
they are raining to the ground
because you are walking beside me

Look at the moon
its silver smile
because you are walking next to me

Close your eyes and try to feel
the rough sand of the beach
down on your feet
the endless sea
cold as the deep blue night
flowers of your soul I´ve hardly ever seen

this starry night is our roof
the milky way is swinging gently
the moon is pulling the tides
as your love is pulling my heart
and your kisses sweeter than wine

We lay down near the cost
the sound of your breath is
bewitching my mind
let me dream of you
by your side, for you
until the night fades away


Anonymous sele said...

ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy vos sos mas dulce ke el vino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me parecio reeeeeeeee linda!!!!!!!!!!!


3:28 PM  

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