Saturday, October 25, 2008

Excursion In Reality

It was her third day alone, which was part of her ¨treatment¨. ¨It is like an excursion in reality¨, they used to say to her. I wish she had not listened to them.
Being a child, Margaret had really enjoyed excursions, but now she was deeply terrified of going out. For her, the outside was the jungle and it meant an endless number of dangers. So frightened she was, that the only fact of thinking that she needed to get something to eat from anywhere outside made her heart gallop faster, but her stomach was groaning in such a way that she could not ignore it. The necessity of leaving that site was imminent.
Never will I understand why her family, loving and knowing her, did not realise that something was wrong. After all, she had given them all the clues.
That third day in solitude, Margaret tried to manage to abandon the place where she was staying at as she considered that if she did not do so, she would kick the bucket. I keep in mind that she must have suffered a lot because, against her will, she was being obliged by her family to overcome her fear.
None of my parents was conscious that she was suffering from agoraphobia - the reason why she refused to go away from her house - so they tried to encourage her to go out by leaving her to her own devices without any food, thinking it would be the best way to help her. Starved and scared, she was killed by the people who loved her. Now they would carry the can.
I know it is like an excursion in reality to visit the world, but for her it was the cause of her death. Margaret, my sister, a weak woman who passed away of panic in the front door of her house.

Este relato en inglés es de mi amiga Paula Tripi y me gustó tanto cuando lo leí por primera vez que decidí publicarlo en Significados Invisibles.

Gracias al destino que hizo que conozca gente maravillosa e increíble, gente no solo buena sino con talento, como claramente se puede leer aquí.

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