Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aunque duela despertar (es mejor mirar mirando)

We received this letter las Monday morning. We did not know whether to publish it or not. Now, we feel we have to.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I have always been a model religious woman since I first read the Holy Bible. I have always gone to church every Sunday morning. I have carried out with all the blessed sacraments. I married my first boyfriend still being virgin at the age of nineteen.

For several years, God was the answer to everything. I had been so blind, living in a world of lies, in a parallel reality. All I wanted was my family to be the perfect image you can find printed on any catholic book. However, a year ago, all of a sudden, I changed my mind.

I always believed Adrian, my only son, a weak-willed, sensitive and shy boy. The way he used to trudge, as if he was tired or afraid of something made him look quite strange. Nevertheless, I did not care much about it as long as he remained on the ¨path of God¨.

When Adrain was seventeen, a year and a half ago, he faced all his fears when he told my husband and I about Jack, his boyfriend. Confused and frustrated, I just could not approve of his being a homosexual. All I wanted to do was to ¨cure¨ him. I wanted him to recover. I prayed and prayed and finally we decided to move. We came to New Orleans in Febrary last year. I could not help thinking of Jack as the problem. All my son did was to cry and tell me he could not live without seeing him but I heard no reason. ¨God will help you as He helped me¨ I used to tell him. Little did I realize how important Jack was for my son. ¨Sin¨was the word in my mind. I thought there was something I had done wrong. It was my fault, of course.

One morning, opening the door of Adrian´s bedroom I found him on the floor. My boy had slashed his wrists and there was a note beside him which said: ¨Sorry mum, you are not to blame, but I cannot take it anymore. Please, do not hate me. God will help you as he helped me¨. In came my husband and, putting his hand on my shoulder he just glanced at Adrian´s body and said: ¨Do not worry. He is in a better place now. Trust God¨.

Trust God? I have devoted my life to God and all He did was to take my baby away. I have lived like a blind person, like a fool, but I am finally in reality. Do you want to know how I feel now? I do not want to start any blasphemous rumors but I think that God has a sick sense of humor and, when I die, I expect to find him laughing.



Mary was found in a church in New Orleans last Sunday morning. She committed suicide. The doctors did their best but they could not succeed. A note was found beside her which said: ¨God will help you as he helped me¨.

Esta shockeante historia me la pasó mi amigo Gonzalo Gonzalez y aquí la estoy posteando para el placer de todos ustedes. Otra muestra más del impresionante talento que anda dando vueltas por las aulas del Rojas.
cuando me contaste esta historia quede atónito por su contenido e impresionado por la fuerza y el brillo con que la contaste. Espero siempre cosas así de vos. Gracias por todo!!!!!!

Nos vemos!!!!!!


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